Myanmar Flag
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old flag (1943 - 45)
old flag (1945 - 48)
old flag (1948 - 74)
old flag (1974 - 2010)
Myanmar Flag - Introduction
Myanmar flag has three equal horizontal stripes of yellow (top), green, and red; centered on the green band is a large white five-pointed star that partially overlaps onto the adjacent colored stripes; the design revives the triband colors used by Burma from 1943-45, during the Japanese occupation
USA Flag - Colors
Yellow: (RGB: 254, 203, 0) (hex code: #FECB00)
Green: (RGB: 52, 178, 51) (hex code: #34B233)
Red: (RGB: 234, 40, 57) (hex code: #EA2839)
White: (RGB: 255, 255, 255) (hex code: #FFFFFF)
USA Flag - Colors
Yellow symbolizes solidarity among all ethnic groups
Green represents peace, tranquility and the nation's verdant environment
Red stands for courage and decisiveness
White star represents the consolidated union
Myanmar Flag - history
Republic of the Union of Myanmar officially unveiled the current flag at 3pm on 21 October 2010 to replace the former flag in use since 1974. (The old flag, introduced by the socialist government of Ne Win in 1974, has a red field with a blue rectangle in the left corner bearing a cog wheel and a rice plant encircled by 14 stars representing the country's seven regions and seven states) The old flags were lowered by government officials who were born on a Tuesday, while the new flags were raised by officials born on a Wednesday. The date and peculiar timing suggested the influence numerology. The date was 21 -- 2 plus 1 equals 3 -- the time was 3:00 and the year was 2010, whose digits add up to three. Added together they equal nine, an auspicious number in Myanmar. (In the 1980s, the nation had bank notes in denominations of 45 and 90 kyats, because each of those two numbers add up to nine!) The new flag was introduced as part of the changes to national symbols that were laid out in the 2008 Constitution pushed by the military junta.

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Myanmar flag
Myanmar Flag - Images | Pictures
Myanmar flag